3 Affordable Retro Refrigerators (That You Can Buy Online)

If you've spent any time online looking for a good retro refrigerator for your kitchen, you've certainly noticed that they come at a premium price point, are difficult to order online, or both.

The three big brands that put out a nice full-size retro refrigerator will be Northstar (Elmira), Big Chill, and Smeg. They are pretty much at the top of the line for retro refrigerators with regards to options for styles, colors, and sizes.

However, again, they're either relatively expensive (in the range of $2,000 and up), or not so easy to buy online.

In this article, I'll introduce you to three other affordable, easy-to-find options for retro refrigerators.

Three OTHER Retro Style Fridge Brands…

Enter three slightly lesser-known retro style fridge brands that don't often appear at the top of the searches: ChambersGalanz, and (my most recent discovery) Unique.

(Jump ahead to my recommendations below)

What you miss out on by going with one of these brands might just be made up for in price and availability.


The upsides? Affordable prices for one. All coming in at under $1,000 these models cost what you might normally spend on a regular refrigerator.

AND, unlike the “Big Three” brands I mention above, you can buy a Chambers or Galanz retro refrigerator at major outlets online (see links in the reviews below).


Most notable is size. The largest retro style refrigerator these lesser-known companies make maxes out at about 12 cu. ft. (cubic feet) – just under the 14 cu. ft. that tends to be considered the bottom end for a “full-size” refrigerator.

(See “Almost Full Size Retro Refrigerators“)

The other downside is color & style options. These companies only have a few models, and black or red are your main color choices. (A couple models come in a cool baby blue or an off-white “champagne.”)

If you're willing to trade off size and color options for affordability, style, and availability, these alternative retro refrigerator brands may be the way to go.

3 Affordable Retro Fridge Freezer Options

In looking for good options for a retro fridge-freezer, I considered both price and functionality.

For price, I set a limit of $1,000. While there were some solid options out there in the $1000~2000 price range, I decided that they were more than what the average refrigerator shopper might consider “affordable.”

For functionality, I wanted something that could potentially serve a kitchen, bar, or other type of entertainment room, and support meals for two or more people.

Size was also a factor here. I didn't want anything so small it might only be good fit for a single dorm room.

Following are 3 examples you might want to consider in your search of the best retro fridge freezers for your budget, listed from the largest to the smallest.

I've included links to company sites, manuals, and online shops so that you can do your own research before deciding to buy.*

Disclosure: 3GoodOnes.com is a professional review site. Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission for your purchase. (e.g., As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.) It is my hope that this post leaves you so well informed, that you won't mind that very much.

Two *Almost* Full-Size Retro Refrigerators

As I mentioned above, the general standard for “Full-size” refrigerators tends to be about 14 cu. ft. (cubic feet) and larger, with certain dimensions.

These two retro refrigerators come a little bit under that size, but still offer the features you'd expect in a modern full sized refrigerator.

Galanz Retro Refrigerator (12 cu. ft.)

Company: Galanz
(Download Manual)

Price: $599.99~$999.99 Online

Shop online at:

The 12.0 cu. ft. Retro Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator is the latest – and largest – addition to the highly rated Galanz retro refrigerator line.

While maintaining the look and feel of the old days, this retro-style refrigerator still brings the modern features you'd expect from a fridge:


A true top-mount freezer compartment with 2 door racks, and automatic defrost for a frost-free experience.

An in-the-door can rack for convenient storage and quick access to beverages.

4-full slide out adjustable glass shelves.

Bright interior lighting.

Spacious and clear fruit & vegetable crisper.

More Options

10 cu ft in Black

The Galanz 12.0 cu. ft. retro refrigerator also comes in black (model GLR12TBKER), and there's a slightly smaller model at 10 cu. ft.

Galanz retro refrigerators come in several other smaller sizes from 3.1 to 7.6 cu. ft. capacity. I feature one in the next category…

BONUSUnique Retro Refrigerator (9 cu ft)

Company: Unique Appliances
(Download Manual

9 cu. ft. Bottom Mount Retro Refrigerator
Price: $899~$979 Online

Shop online at:Home Depot

I call this a “bonus” entry because I discovered it after originally posting this article – bringing this list up to 4. I'm including it in this second position (rather than at the end of the article) to maintain the “size order” of the list.

Unique’s 9 cu/ft bottom-mount retro fridge-freezer and it's narrow footprint packs convenient storage options into a design that is both space and energy efficient.

Putting the fridge on top brings the food and drinks you need most within reach. The narrow width makes it easier to fit in more spaces within your home, cottage, bar, she-shed, or man-cave.

This model adds a 4-bottle wine shelf for people who like to entertain, or just enjoy an evening wind-down.


4-bottle Wine Rack

4 adjustable glass shelves, and
4 full width adjustable door shelves allow for flexibility in personalizing your storage space

Adjustable 4 bottle wine rack for convenient and stable bottle storage.

Deep crisper drawer for all your fresh produce.

3 spacious freezer drawers provide ample storage space for your frozen items and reduces frost build-up.

Narrow 21.6″ width makes it an easy fit for any room in your home.


Unique Appliances retro refrigerator (Model UGP-275L AC) comes in Black, White, and Red.

They also make a 7 cu/ft Bottom Mount Retro Refrigerator with similar features to this model and available in Light Green, and a 6 cu/ft Upright All-Freezer with a similar retro design.

As of this writing, Unique retro refrigerators are available exclusively at Home Depot.

Want to see more retro-fridges this size?
Click Here–> 7 full size retro refrigerators reviewed

A Not-So-Mini Retro Refrigerator

There are plenty of options out there for a “mini” retro refrigerator. But, if you're looking for a retro fridge that:

  • Has a larger capacity (something that can hold a significant amount of food, and more than just drinks, potentially serving a kitchen)
  • Yet still cool-looking
  • AND affordable

… then you might want to consider this mid-range category.

At about 7 or 8 cubic feet, these mid-sized refrigerators may have only about half the capacity of a full size retro fridge, but it's still more than twice the capacity of a mini retro refrigerator.

Take a look at these two and see if either of them fit your needs:

Galanz Retro Refrigerator (7.6 cu. ft.)

Company: Galanz
(Download Manual

7.6 Cu. Ft. Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator
Price: $298~$566 Online

Shop online at:Amazon
Home Depot

This Galanz retro refrigerator at 7.6 cu. ft. is a “best-seller” with hundreds of reviews online. Take a peek at them with the shopping links, above.

Like its larger siblings, above, it boasts a proper and separate freezer compartment, crisper drawer for produce, adjustable shelves, and door bins.


A true top-mount freezer compartment with 1.6 cu.ft. and partially-automatic defrost.

Three full crystal door bins.

Three slide out adjustable glass shelves.

Bright interior lighting.

Separate clear fruit & vegetable crisper.


The Galanz 7.6 cu. ft. retro refrigerator comes in both black and red models.

If for some reason you're looking for an even smaller retro fridge freezer, Galanz makes a number of smaller, rugged-looking, stumpier models.

Each has a separate freezer compartment with its own door, and they come in sizes of 4.6 cu ft, 4.0 cu ft, and 3.1 cu ft (the smallest of which also comes in a light blue color.)

Chambers Retro Refrigerator w/ Bottom Freezer (7 cu ft)

Company: Chambers
(Download Manual

7.0 Cu. Ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
Price: $619~$749 Online

Shop online at:Appliances Connection
Home Depot

This Chambers retro refrigerator (Model MRB192-07) is actually categorized under their “Fun Fridge” line, though it maintains the retro-style and flare of their “Retro Refrigerators” line.

Chambers' compact bottom configuration brings the refrigerated space you use the most off the floor, making it both easily accessible and energy efficient.

At at 22″ counter-depth, and 57″ height, it will fit under virtually every overhead cabinet.


Two freezer drawers reduce frost build up.

LED lighting brightens up the interior.

Fruit and vegetable Crisper drawer.

Adjustable glass shelves, and even split door-shelves provide loads of adjustability.

Low noise compressor for quiet, non-intrusive operation.

The Antibacterial liner to help prevent odors.

One Year Parts and Labor Warranty.


Chambers retro refrigerator MRB192-07 comes in 4 different colors: Frost White, Butter Cream, Light Blue, and Red Wine. (Price will vary with color, with the white and cream colors tending to be more expensive.)

Chambers also makes a larger “almost” full-size retro refrigerator at 12 cu.ft., but it's back up there in the $2,000 range, so I didn't list it here. If you're interested, you can check it out here.

Finding the Best Retro Fridge Freezer

A cool retro-style refrigerator can bring a cool or fun ambiance to a room. But you don't necessarily have to sacrifice affordability and functionality for this look.

Clearly, finding the best retro fridge-freezer is about finding a balance in price, size, and functionality in addition to that cool look.

I hope this article has provided some guidance in finding good retro refrigerators with which you can outfit your home, office, or fun-space.

Looking for more? Click Here–> New Refrigerators That Look Vintage

If you have any questions, or even suggestions or advice for other shoppers, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

~ Scott


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