Replacing Your X Rocker Gaming Chair Cables

RCA-Connectors-PhotoHave you lost your X Rocker gaming chair cables and wondering what the best way to replace them is?

Not to worry.

The sound cables that came with your chair are nothing other than basic audio cables. This artice will tell you what you need to know:

  • How to identify what you need, and
  • Where to buy it.


First off, this post is about the sound, or audio cables.
(There will be another post about the power cables if that is what you're looking for.)

The cables you need have to be stereo cables. That is, they will carry a separate audio signal for the left and right side. This is what allows your ears tell what direction the sound is supposed to be coming from in the game, creating a more immersive experience.

Be careful not to get mono audio cables. A mono plug will send the exact same sound to both ears/sides. This will reduce the immersive effect of the sound experience.

Depending on which chair you have, the stereo cables you'll need will have one or both of these two types of audio connections:

  • RCA Audio Connectors
  • A 3.5 mm Mini Stereo Plug

RCA Connector (red, white, & yellow)RCA Audio Connectors

This is the standard connector that plugs into your gaming system, and into the higher-end and larger gaming chairs.

The “male” side (on the cables) has a round hollow disc, with a longer peg protruding from the center.

The “female” side will be on the chair, or the back of the gaming console, and is cylindrical, with a hole for the peg in the middle.

Both the male and female sides tend to be color-coded to make it easy to connect the cables properly: Red for Right; and White (or Black) for Left.

(Yellow is for the video signal, which you don't need for the chair.)

Mini-Plug-23.5 mm Mini Stereo Plug

The 3.5 mm Mini Plug looks just like what you'd find at the end of a pair of headphones — like you'd plug into an iPod or portable music player.

Some of the smaller and lower-end chairs will have this type of jack in the control panel to connect to your gaming system.

As I mentioned before, you'll need to get a stereo version of this connector plug. That is, one that carries the sounds from the left and right side of your chair separately.

Here's how you can tell the difference:

Look closely at the metal tip of the plug. Just below the tip, you'll see one or two colored stripes. A stereo plug will have two stripes, and a mono plug will have one:

3.5mm Stereo vs. Mono

3.5mm Stereo vs. Mono

(Sometimes you will find one that has three stripes. This allows the cable to either carry a video signal, or a microphone signal, as with the headphones you get for a smartphone.)

Types of Cables You'll Need

Ok, now here are the two types of cables you will need, and a possible adapter:

  • RCA to RCA
  • RCA to 3.5 mm
  • 3.5 mm to RCA Female Adapter

RCA to RCARCA to RCA — These are standard audio connectors. This is what you'll need if both your console and chair both have female RCA jacks on them. You'll find claims of varying levels of audio quality with each brand you find in stores. Remember, they can come in Red & White, or Red & Black versions. Both versions do the same thing.

RCA to 3-5mm 1RCA to 3.5 mm — This is what you'll need if your chair has the 3.5 mm mini jack in it. The small end plugs into your chair, and the RCA ends plug into your gaming console. Be sure to get the stereo type mentioned above.
(If it has the mono type plug, it's probably an “audio splitter”, and NOT what you need.)

3-5mm to RCA Female Adapter3.5 mm to RCA Female Adapter — If you already have a set of RCA to RCA cables, but your chair requires a 3.5 mm plug, this might be all you need to get. It converts the 3.5 mm jack on your chair into a pair of female RCA connectors for your cable to plug into.

Where To Buy Them

These plugs can usually be easily found at any local store that specializes in computers or audio-visual equipment, such as Radio Shack or Best Buy. It's also very easy to buy them online.

I hope this helps you find a replacement set (or an extra set) of X Rocker gaming chair cables for your chair.

If you have any further questions, or are looking for something different, please put your question or ideas in the comments, below. I also welcome any additional ideas you may have to share.


~ Scott


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