3 of The Best Outdoor Mini Fridges for 3 Budgets

3 types of outdoor mini fridge built into an outdoor kitchen counter

I don't know about you, but for me, I initially found shopping online for an outdoor mini fridge to be really overwhelming.

First off, the price range is ridiculously broad (from like, $500 to $5,000!) which can make things really confusing.

Then, there is the incredibly wide range of features, many of which may be fun and showy, but are not always necessary for what most people need.

So, what I've done here, to help you start your search, is selected 3 well-rated outdoor refrigerators that I think are exemplary of what most people need from an outdoor mini fridge.

I've arranged them in order from the more luxurious to the more basic.

But, before that list, I've written a little bit about what to look for in an outdoor mini fridge, so that you understand why I chose those three.

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What to Look For in an Outdoor Mini Fridge

I've discussed this subject in detail in a previous article, but let's review it briefly before getting into my list of suggestions for a few good outdoor mini refrigerators.

So, aside from size and cost, there are a few important features you need to look for when shopping for an outdoor mini fridge:

  1. It absolutely must be rated for outdoor use.
  2. It should be rust resistant.
  3. It should be designed to be built-in if installed into an outdoor kitchen island or cabinet.

Look for Outdoor-Rated Refrigerators

outdoor mini fridge (an outdoor rated refrigerator) built into an outdoor kitchen island

Outdoor refrigerators are at a disadvantage simply by being outside.

Outside temperature can change drastically—from very hot in the day, to very cool at night. This makes it difficult to keep everything cool inside at an even temperature. To compensate for this, outdoor refrigerator are designed with compressors that work harder.

They also have special insulation to make sure the heat doesn't get back into the fridge too quickly.*

Additionally, weatherproofing is required for the electrical components. Even when built into an outdoor kitchen island cabinet or some other outdoor fixture, outdoor refrigerators can be exposed to water from rain, humidity condensation, splashing from a swimming pool, or the like.

Electricity and water a dangerous mix, so special design precautions are taken to reduce the risk of electrocution. Check that your fridge is UL (Underwriters Laboratory) Approved for outdoor use.

*Keep in mind that even outdoor refrigerators have an optimal operational temperature range—often between 50ºF and 95ºF. Check the operation or installation manual to be sure your fridge will work in your outdoor environment.
Also, you might want to power-off and empty your outdoor refrigerator during the off season if it's built-in to an outdoor kitchen island, or other fixture, and must remain outdoors.

It Should be Rust-Resistant

Almost all outdoor fridges are made from stainless steel for its ability to resist rust. However, not all stainless steel is made with the same level of rust-resistance, and can still rust under the worst of wet-weather conditions.

Look for an outdoor fridge with a higher grade of stainless steel. While more affordable, lower grades of stainless steel are more susceptible to rust. Less expensive refrigerators may be made of plastic-wrapped steel, which is an inferior method of rust-resistance.

Installing Your Outdoor Mini Fridge into an Outdoor Kitchen Island?

outdoor mini fridge with a vent on the front so it can be built into a cabinet
Outdoor Mini Fridge with front ventilation on the bottom.

Refrigerators work by taking the heat out of the fridge, and releasing it into the air around it.

This is why most refrigerators need a few inches of ventilation space on all sides, so that the hot air can blow away and allow for more heat to come out of the fridge.

When you build a fridge into a cabinet or a wall, this prevents air from circulating around the fridge, and inhibits the refrigerator's ability to cool the inside.

That's why some “bulit-in” models are specially designed to have vent on the front. This allows the hot-air to escape, while allowing you to install the fridge snugly into your outdoor kitchen island or cabinet.

If you install a “freestanding” fridge into your island without proper space and ventilation, it will not only fail to refrigerate its contents, it may overheat and cause damage as well.

The advantage to a freestanding outdoor refrigerator is that you can place it anywhere. You can set it closer to your guests while entertaining, or by your outdoor kitchen grill while preparing food, or bring it into your garage in the off-season. Some built-in models can also be freestanding and placed anywhere if the back and sides are designed to resist the elements.

–> Read more about outdoor refrigerators here.

Optional Compact Outdoor Refrigerator Features

Other features you'll want to consider include:

  1. Insulated glass doors, to easily view refrigerator contents;
  2. Slide-out drawer units, for convenient access;
  3. Beverage-specific shelving, to securely and conveniently hold cans or single-serve bottles;
  4. Glide-out wooden shelving for wine bottles;
  5. Locking doors, to prevent unwanted access, such as to small children.

3 Good Outdoor Compact Refrigerators

There are a lot of reputable refrigerator brands that make good outdoor compact refrigerators.

I've chosen these main 3 suggestions because these models represent some of the most basic needs to more luxurious amenities in the the middle price range of outdoor mini refrigerators.

These 3 outdoor mini fridges should provide a good starting point for your research, to consider and compare with your particular needs.

We'll go from the more expensive to the least…

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Marvel MO24RFS2LS
24″ Built-In Counter Depth Outdoor Compact Refrigerator Freezer

Marvel MO24RFS2LS 24" Built-In Outdoor Mini Fridge with Freezer

Company: Marvel
(Download Manual)

Price: $2,873.75 Retail | $2,299~$2,799 Online

Shop online at:BBQ Guys
AJ Madison
Appliances Connection

Marvel's Outdoor Refrigerator Freezer has just about everything you'd get in a full-sized fridge, but in a smaller package.

Marvel MO24RFS2LS 24" Outdoor Mini Fridge with door open

This full-featured 3.9 cu. ft. capacity fridge includes a crisper/drawer, and a separate 1 cu. ft. freezer with a self-closing door and automatic defrost that is large enough to hold up to 12 pints of ice cream. (The freezer can replaced with an optional ice-maker kit.)

With its corrosion-resistant stainless steel exterior, this fridge is certified for outdoor use, and designed to withstand the elements such rain, high humidity, and heat—performing in temperatures as high as 115°F. Thermal-efficient insulation ensures optimum cooling performance, while the Dynamic Cooling Technology™ cools nearly two times faster than other models.

Other nice features include:

Marvel MO24RFS2LS 24" Outdoor Mini Fridge - Freezer and shelving layout
  • Can be built-in, or freestanding.
  • Controls allow you to manage the temperatures of the refrigerator and freezer compartments independently.
  • The easy-to-clean white interior enhances the white LED illumination for better viewing of fridge contents.
  • Audible alarms for “door ajar” and “high or low temperature” help you keep your fridge contents at optimal temperature.
  • Close Door Assist System™ that automatically draws the door closed, ensuring it's never accidentally left ajar.
  • Door lock for added safety and security.
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Bull 13700
24″ Premium Outdoor Rated Compact Refrigerator

Bull 13700 24" Premium Outdoor Mini Fridge

Company: Bull Outdoor Products
(Download Manual)

Price: $1799.00 Retail | $1,245~$1,299 Online

Shop online at:Amazon.com
BBQ Guys

Home Depot

Bull Outdoor Products is better known for it's outdoor kitchen cooking appliances, such as grills. But, they make a couple of refrigerators that are worth a look.

Bull 13700 24" Premium Outdoor Mini Fridge fan and thermostat

Their “premium” outdoor mini fridge boasts a large 5.6 Cu. Ft. capacity with 3 adjustable wire shelves and one glass shelf for plenty of storage for food and beverages.

The internal temperature is maintained by a dual fan system, and controlled with a digital LED control panel in the back of the fridge, keeping the contents cool in weather as hot as 109ºF.

Bull 13700 24" Premium Outdoor Mini Fridge with door open

Both the inside and outside are constructed completely out of 304 stainless steel to resist rust and weather, and the front-venting internal and external fan systems are enclosed for durable outdoor use, whether built-in or freestanding. The door is reversible, and features a lock to protect the contents from unwanted access.

Summit SPR627OS
24″ Built-in/Freestanding Compact Outdoor Refrigerator

Summit SPR627OS 24" Built-in/Freestanding Outdoor Mini Fridge

Company: Summit Appliance
(Download Manual)

Price: $1,255.00 Retail | $859~$979 Online

Shop online at:Amazon
BBQ Guys
Home Depot
Appliances Connection

Summit Appliance makes a wide variety of refrigeration solutions for unusual spaces, such as small apartments, under-counter installations, and outdoor kitchens.

Summit SPR627OS 24" Outdoor Mini Fridge with door open

Summit's SPR627OS Series are 4.6 cu.ft. “all-refrigerators” (no freezer). This certified commercial refrigerator is designed and constructed for use in the outdoors, and equipped with convenient user-friendly features for use in any residential or outdoor kitchen.

On the outside, the fully finished black cabinet and stainless steel door allow the unit to be used freestanding in the outdoors, functioning in temperatures up to 90ºF, while its front-breathable vent allows for under-cabinet, built-in installation. A keyed lock secures the interior from unwanted access.

Inside, you'll find:

Summit SPR627OS Outdoor Mini Fridge fan and thermostat
  • A digital thermostat to adjust the temperature at the touch of a button;
  • An internal fan provides for an evenly cooled interior in this frost-free refrigerator; and
  • An LED light illuminates the fridge with an elegant glow.

Contents are easily organized with the adjustable glass shelves, a specially slotted floor to hold bottles in place, and a flat door liner to accept larger trays. An optional shelf kit can be added for additional door storage.

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Finding the Best Outdoor Mini Fridge

With an understanding of what you're looking for, and a little research for installation manuals online, it's not difficult to find the best outdoor mini fridge for your deck, yard, or outdoor kitchen.

I hope this article has been helpful in pointing out the important features to look for in an outdoor mini fridge, and given you a few good options to consider and compare in your research.

Check out my other articles on outdoor refrigerators for further information and recommendations.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for me or other readers, please leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

~ Scott


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