X Rocker Gaming Chair Reviews

My X Rocker ReviewIt is my goal for this website to present the most objective and thorough yet concise X Rocker gaming chair reviews available on the Internet.

My reviews don't have any hype. I'm not going to try to up-sell or over-sell you on these chairs. I just want to provide no-nosense reviews that will help you make the best decision on the best X Rocker gaming chair for your situation.

I tap into various resources to provide this information.

As I mention in my About Me page, I work at a computer retail chain. So, I can use my store access to products, coworkers, and customers, as well as personal experience and information available online to provide the most thorough reviews possible.

When I can, I will provide my own video review, or at least a link to a good objective one.

My reviews follow a particular format that I hope makes your self-education and buying decision a breeze:

  1. First I address the company's claims for the chair, and how it's supposed to result in a comfortable and immersive gaming experience.
  2. Then, I discuss those main features, and how they measure up. I also share some research from the web about how well people think the chair measures up.
  3. I'll follow this up with a list of specific specifications about the chair, where you can buy them online, and what other chairs you might want to consider.

Your Feedback

There is one more feature I want to include in my reviews, but I will need your help:

I need your feedback to provide the most complete information.

While I strive to make these reviews as objective as possible, satisfaction with these products is a highly subjective matter.

If you have personal experience with any of the chairs I review that either confirms or contradicts the information I provide, by all means please write about it in the comments below the review. The site and the community will be better for it!

And, if there is a chair you'd like me to review — whether it be an X Rocker or another brand of gaming chair — please let me know by shooting me an email, or dropping me a note in the comments below.

I hope you'll assist me in creating the best X Rocker gaming chair reviews possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Most sincerely,

~ Scott

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