My name is Scott, and I like doing the dirty work.

Scott at 3GoodOnes.com

Many of us come to the Internet looking for solutions to our problems.

Whether it's how to get a better job, purchase the best furniture, be a better spouse, or extend the range of the Internet in our homes, the mighty Internet has a solution.

And, we want options.

The number one product or suggestion isn't always the best one for us. Each of us is unique, and we want a solution that caters to the specific nuances of our problem.

And the Internet has options. But it brings the additional problem of offering way too many.

Filtering through all those options can be overwhelming. It's a lot of reading, and a lot of weighing of pros vs. cons. It defeats the reason we come to the Internet in the first place — which is that we expected someone to have done some of the dirty work for us.

So, I came up with this site to solve that additional problem of extraneous options.

I'm calling it 3GoodOnes.com.

My name is Scott, and I like doing the dirty work. I enjoy doing online research and learning new things.

One of my talents is to absorb a lot of information, and summarize it into smaller digestible chunks. I guess it comes from my teaching background.

They way I'd like to use those skills to help you, is by researching various problems online, rating the vast number of solutions to it, and narrowing it down to the top and most comprehensive 3 options.

By narrowing the number of solutions down to three good ones, you have an excellent starting place, an easier time selecting one, and a faster route to solving your problem.

I plan to review a wide variety of problems and solutions on this site, and I don't expect to cover everything, but I am certainly OPEN to covering anything.

If you have a topic, problem, or concern you want to find 3 good solutions for, either drop a comment on one of my pages, or shoot an email to Scott at 3goodones.com, and I'll do my best to find them for you.

Welcome to 3GoodOnes.com. Thanks for dropping by!

~ Scott