Three Good Ones…

1427242_14921121Why 3 good ones?

It comes down to decision making, and getting a solution to our problems fast.

Psychological studies have shown that having too many options tends to paralyze us when we're trying to make a decision. Too many pros and cons to compare, and too much overlapping of features and benefits, leads us to over-analysis, hesitation, and often giving up on the process all together!

Which means we're stuck with our problem for that much longer.

Three is sort of a magic number when it comes to balancing options.

It gives you the option of:

  1. a choice at one extreme,
  2. another one at the other extreme,
  3. and one more choice that either balances the two, or takes you another direction that you might not have thought of before.

When you have three good options for a solution — and they must be GOOD options — your understanding of the problem becomes more acute, your decision-making is easier and faster, and the end of your problem is more immediate.