Convert Your Regular Mouse to a Left-Hand Computer Mouse

Leftie mouse use shouldn't be awkward

Leftie mouse use shouldn't be awkward

Convert your mouse for Leftie use

Don't forget that you can always convert your current mouse into a left-handed mouse with a few clicks.

If all you want to do is use both buttons without having to hold the mouse funny (see the picture above), switch the buttons so that you can use your left-hand index finger as your “main clicker”, and your middle finger for your “right-click”.

First things first. You probably already have a mouse you use. And, if it's cheap or basic enough, it's likely symmetrical. That is to say, it's shape doesn't favor either hand. It will fit as (un)comfortably in your left hand as it would in your right.

Converting this kind of mouse into a left-hand computer mouse is as simple as switching the polarity of the buttons — so that the right-button under your left index finger will act as the “main” button for clicking, and the left button under your middle finger will be used for “right-clicking”.

I hope I haven't confused you, but I think you get it.

It's very easy to set up on a Mac, or on a Windows PC. Here are the steps for each:

On a Windows PC

  1. First, locate and open the “Mouse” Control Panel. You can find it from your Start Menu by typing “mouse” into the search field, or by selecting Control Panel, and then clicking on “Mouse”.
    Windows MenuMouse Icon
  2. Then, in the Buttons tab in that control panel, click the checkbox to “Switch primary and secondary buttons”:
    Mouse Control Panel

On a Mac

  1. Open up “System Preferences” (from either the Apple menu, or the dock).
  2. Click on the “Mouse”:
  3. Depending on what mouse you have plugged in, you will have different options:
    1. If you have an Apple Mouse connected, you'll use the drop-down menus to set the button on the right to be your “Primary Button”, and the one on the left to be your “Secondary Button”:
    2. A non-Apple mouse will result in a different screen. In this example, you'll select the Right button to be your Primary Mouse button:
      System PreferencesScreenSnapz004


Would your rather have an actual Left-Handed Mouse?

If switching the button functions is not enough, and you'd actually prefer to find a left-aand computer mouse designed to fit snugly in your hand, take a look at this article about left-handed computer mouse options and how to find them.

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