Where to Buy a Freezer Online During the Pandemic

Warehouse with with freezers for sale. Who has freezers in stock? When will freezers be back stock?

2020 has been a challenging year in many ways. But, who would have thought one of those challenges would be figuring out where to buy a freezer online?

Sure, a quick search on Google or your favorite search engine will give you a list of retailers with freezers for sale online.

But, it's not a matter of “Who sells freezers?”
The real question is, “Who has freezers stock?

The problem with these initial search results is that the first page will mostly feature those big, popular retailers who can afford to put their ads on that first page.

Why is that a problem?

For the same reason we find empty shelves when going to the big discount stores for toilet paper and disinfectant.

Because these stores are the most popular, they run out FIRST.

People run to the the big discount stores for two reasons:

  1. They are well known, and
  2. We expect them to have a lot of everything in stock because they're big and often sell in bulk.

This leads to a higher-than-normal influx of customers in a panic who are looking for the easiest, most obvious place to go for what they need.

However, the smaller, the lesser-known, and the more local outlets don't get this huge rush of demand, because they're not the “obvious” places to go.

As a result, they tend have closer-to-normal levels of stock, and the ability to serve their usual clientele better.

In this article, I'm hoping to introduce you to some of those not-so-obvious shops with lesser demand.

But first, I want to briefly discuss the questions of:

  • When will freezers will be back in stock? And,
  • Why is there a freezer shortage in the first place?

It's not just a “pandemic thing”…

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When Will Freezers Be Back Stock?

Probably sooner than it feels like they will. Things are already turning around. Here's why there has been a freezer shortage…

when will freezers be back stock

The current (and, temporary) shortage of freezers in the U.S. was not simply caused by exceeding demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. There was already an industry-wide conversion going on.

New environmental regulations forced manufacturers building freezers in and for the United States to convert to hydrocarbon refrigerants in their freezers. Many of these factories have been closed for a number of months to redesign and retool their freezers.

The COVID-19 situation caused an increase in demand at a time when the supply was already reduced.

As manufacturers finish the conversions, they are doing their best to keep up with demand. Which is happening NOW.

Retailers are already beginning to get shipments with which to restock their shelves and warehouses more regularity.

So, if you find a freezer you want, but it's unavailable at retailer you like, don't give up! Manufacturers are cycling shipments around. You'll probably be able to find it at another retailer, or yours will get it in soon.

And, don't just consider different retailers. Look at different yet similar brands, and slightly different sizes. Being open to slightly larger or smaller sizes may expand your available options significantly.

Many retailers even have mailing lists to notify customers about when will freezers be back stock. I recommend you get on those lists as early as you can.

Online Retailers with Freezers for Sale

I'm going to fill this page with as many retailers with freezers for sale as I can find. Including the heavy hitters like Home Depot and Best Buy.

I don't expect this to be a comprehensive “one-stop shop” list of where to buy freezers online. I'll start small, but I'll keep adding more retailers as I find them.*

I also cannot guarantee that these retailers will still have what you need in stock when you visit their sites. I can just say they had freezers in stock when I looked.

*(Be sure to check the comments section for other readers' suggestions!)

Disclosure: 3GoodOnes.com is a professional review site. Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission for your purchase. (e.g., As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.) It is my hope that this post leaves you so well informed, that you won't mind that very much.

This list is not in any particular order, except that I'll try to put the lesser-known stores closer to the top, and the better knows stores closer to the bottom.

When I can, I'll link directly to their freezer inventory lists, so you can jump right into shopping.

Appliances Connection


I've been recommending Appliances Connection for a few years now. I'm impressed to see them moving up in popularity and rankings.

They recently landed a contract with the government, which may be giving them some additional access to inventory.

Site is easy to navigate, and their newsletter keeps you up to date on what's in stock.



Build.com is a network of online shops specializing in products for building and furnishing homes.

I believe this, their main hub, is overlooked because they focus on promoting the various specialty shops in their network, and market to builders and contractors.

Their site is definitely worth a look.



Overstock started out selling smaller items and electronics for the home. Which may still be their reputation among many.

Over the past decade, however, they've expanded their product line significantly to offer just about everything you'd need for you home.

Abt Electronics


Abt Electronics has a smaller range of products than other retailers in its class, but it has a great reputation.

It's been rising to first page rankings online in recent months and years, even ranking #2 on USA Today's list of “The 7 Best Places to Buy Large Appliances Online.”

Check out their price-matching policy while you're on their site as well.

AJ Madison


AJ Madison is a relatively well-known retailer for people who have shopped for appliances online.

Their website allows you to refine your searches through their huge and sprawling inventory pretty well—filtering by brand, size, price, etc.

They also have a price-matching policy you should check out.


freezers for sale, freezer, freezers

Wayfair is also actually a better known name these days, but I consider it somewhat underestimated.

It's become another huge international retailer after expanding significantly over the past few years.

Recent conspiracy theories aside, they have a solid reputation, and a broad range of products.

Sometimes I find that I have to do some extra digging to find what I need on this site. But, their search filters are helpful.

I'm still doing my research on these next few that have come up in my searches.

I'm providing the links anyway, in case they are helpful.
(If you have success with these, please let me know in the comments!)


GE Appliances Warehouse

*It looks like the GE Appliances Warehouse only ships locally. So, you'll have to enter your zip-code on this site to see what's available.

And now, for a few of the bigger, more familiar names…

So… Who Has Freezers In Stock?

I hope this article has helped you find an answer that important question that we posed at the beginning of the article.

Who has freezers in stock is going to depend on which stores people rush when they panic, and your own knowledge about all the various shopping options.

Try to remain open in your choices. Your willingness to try different retailers, different brands, and different sizes will give you more options and units to choose from.

If you know about any other options not listed here, please add them in the comments below! Let others know if any of the above resources worked well for you.

We need to band together if we're all going to come out on the other end of this crisis healthy, wiser, and better off.

Good luck in your quest to buy a freezer online. Stay safe!

~ Scott

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