The Gamer’s “Cadillac”: The X Rocker Pro H3 Video Gaming Chair Wireless Black

X Rocker Pro H3

“This chair looks like a Cadillac!”
— Carla I. commenting on my review of X Rocker's high-end chair

Do a quick search for “x rocker pro h3 video gaming chair wireless black” and you will get images and links to a pretty impressive looking and popular chair.

The chair you are looking at is none other than the X Rocker Pro H3, a highly in-demand, top-of-the-line gaming chair produced by the Ace Bayou Corp.

Main Features & Benefits:

There are a few particular game-enhancing features that make it such a popular item. The most prominent of which is its sound.

4.1 Surround Sound

The audio experience is the main source of the chair's acclaim.

It boasts 5 speakers: Two in the headrest, two in the front of the seat, and a subwoofer in the back of the chair.

You are immersed in a full surround sound experience that you can feel — putting you in a more 3-dimensional experience with the game you're playing.


Speaking of a sound you can feel, that feeling is enhanced with a motor in the seat back that vibrates to let you feel hits, explosions, and bumps in the the game in a way that just plain audio can't.


As evident in the search term, the chair has the ability to connect to your gaming console wirelessly.

It comes with an audio transmitter that connects to the audio ports on your gaming console, and transmits the audio to a receiver built into the chair — freeing you from being locked into a limited distance from your gaming console, and from unsightly cords on your floor that you can trip over.

Big & Cushy

A wide, well-padded seat, with a high back and armrests, gives the seat it's luxurious “Cadillac” look. It's big enough to support people as tall as 6'5, and as heavy as 275 lbs.

More Info:

Before searching further, or buying one online, please take a moment to read my full review of the chair here: x rocker pro h3 video gaming chair wireless black. I expand further on the features, and give some real-world feedback on whether the experience lives up to the hype.

What's your take on the chair? Any experience with it? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.


~ Scott


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