The X Rocker Gaming Chair

X Rocker Gaming Chairs

If you're a serious gamer, you spend a lot of time sitting, in front of a monitor, game controller in hand, deep in intense focus.

And, if you like the idea of both making that seat more comfortable, and kicking your gaming experience up a notch, then you might want to consider the X Rocker Gaming Chair.

What is the X Rocker Gaming Chair?

The X Rocker Gaming Chair is a line of ergonomically designed chairs with game-enhancing technologies (such as stereo/surround sound, and tactile feedback) intended to create an immersive, more intense video gaming experience.

The “X Rocker” gaming chair line is produced by Ace Casual Furniture (Ace Bayou Corp), a lifestyle furniture company that also happens to be the largest beanbag manufacturer in North America.

The X Rocker Gaming Chair comes in several models, each with its own combination of audio-enhancing technologies, ergonomic design, and device linking capabilities designed to intensify the video gaming experience.

The chair can also be used to enhance video watching and simple music listening experiences.

Game Enhancing Features

Each X Rocker Gaming Chair model is distinguished by a unique combination of the following features — typical to gaming chairs — to create a more immersive experience:

x rocker gaming chairs provide an immersive stereo audio experience

Audio Technologies

Stereo Speakers — The majority of X Rocker gaming chairs include a pair of stereo speakers built into the headrest for optimal proximity to the user's ears. These speakers can be side-facing for more ambient sound, or forward facing to direct the sound toward the user.

Subwoofer — A subwoofer built into the chair's back or seat provides a deep, resonant bass that can be felt. Enhanced bass tones are what fills a room or a theater, and provides a richer audio experience.

AFM Technology — X Rocker claims to use an “exclusive AFM Technology.” AFM (Audio Frequency Modulation) is an audio reproduction method used in Hi-Fi stereo systems for more accurate synthesis of sound and improved audio quality.

Surround Sound — Select models will include a total of 5 Speakers (two in the headrest, two in the seat, and a subwoofer) for 4.1 Surround Sound, providing for a completely immersive audio experience with compatible gaming consoles.


Certain X Rocker gaming chair models include a vibrator in the seat that will provide tactile feedback in response to bumps, hits, and various other similar events in video games

Connectivity & Chair Linking

The chairs use a combination of standard RCA connectors and 3.5 mm Mini Phone connectors to provide connectivity to the widest range of gaming devices.

Wireless Audio is also available in some chairs for audio connectivity without the clutter of wires. Wireless models come in two types: Wireless-capable, and Bluetooth.

  1. Wireless-capable models come with a 3-channel transmitter. This plugs into your gaming console or audio device, and transmits the sound on one of three channels. The chair has a built in receiver which can be tuned to each of those three channels.
  2. Bluetooth enabled chairs will connect with Bluetooth enabled audio-visual devices with no additional equipment. However, most gaming systems will only use Bluetooth to connect to gaming controllers, not to provide sound to the chair.

Chair Linking — Some chair models have the ability to “link multiple chairs together for multi-player use.” That means that the chair has its own audio output jacks through which the audio from the game can pass through to other X Rocker gaming chairs. This allows multiple players in multiple chairs to get the same audio from the same game at the same time.


Control Panel — A control panel built into the side of the seat allows the convenient control of volume, bass, and vibration levels and wireless channel (on wireless capable models only). This is also where audio connections such as the input & output jacks, and the personal headphone jack are found.

Seat Back — The chairs are designed with different heights and shapes for varying levels of support. Models go from low-height, back-only support to full-height chairs with padded head rests and lumbar support.

Arm Rests — Arm rests might be included for both comfort and style. They come in flip-up style, gun stock design, with varying levels of adjustability.

Rocker Base — X Rocker chairs are designed to rock, allowing for physical reaction to game play. Rockers come in three basic designs:

  1. On the floor — legless models where the feat base rests directly on the floor.
  2. Rails raise the seat an additional 6-8 inches from the floor.
  3. Pedestal equipped models raise the chair high enough for the user to be seated about 19 inches off the floor.

Assembly & Maintenance

Upholstery grade vinyl & breathable mesh allow provide durability and allow ease of cleaning.

Most of the designs allow the chairs to fold away for easy storage.


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