The Hypnotic Comfort of DXRacer Gaming Chairs

DXRacer Orange

The DXRacer provides the same comfort and support you'd find in the racing seat of a car.

While this website is actually dedicated to X Rocker gaming chairs, I just want to take a moment to acknowledge a product that sold me completely on specialty gaming furniture: DXRacer Gaming Chairs.

I'll tell you why, but I want to give you a quick analogy first.

Have you ever driven, or at least sat in a Corvette? I'm told it's an amazing driving experience. Now, I don't care much for sports cars, or for driving for that matter. Despite that fact, I desperately desire to own a Corvette.


Well, I had the opportunity to sit in, and drive a Corvette. I went fast, took sharp turns, and fiddled with the paddle-shifting and all the usual stuff you'd want to do behind the wheel of a racing machine.

While all of that was well and good, it didn't anything for me. But, there was ONE feature that stood out above all the rest as the single best selling point:

The driver's seat.

When you sit down in a Corvette, your first experience with the car is that bucket seat. It feels as if the car embraces you in a big welcome home hug. You're supported along the entire length of your back — headrest to butt. The seat holds you in place without inhibiting your freedom of movement. You feel at one with the car, and it makes the driving more comfortable.

That is the experience I had when I sat down in a DXRacer.

On my about me page, I talk briefly about my first gaming chair experience at the store where I work. It was definitely a game-changer (pardon the pun). I was surprised at the level of comfort I could get from what looked like a simple sporty-looking office chair.

The DXRacer seems to be designed with the same considerations that Chevy takes with the driver's seat in the Corvette.

DXRacer mechanismBack support is crucial to comfort. To that end, the backrest on these chairs is high enough to support the entirety of your back from pelvis to neck. They include a head cushion and an adjustable exterior lumbar pillow you can set at the perfect height for your back.

Adjustability goes even farther. The tilt mechanism in the chair allows the back to lock in place at any angle, even down to a full 180 degrees. And, like other top-of-the-line office chairs, it includes adjustable padded armrests, and the seat can be set to various heights for comfort.

It's so much easier to lose yourself in your game, or work, or whatever you are doing when your body is relaxed and comfortable. Sitting in the chair gave me a flashback to sitting in that Corvette.

It was almost hypnotic.

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