Cut the Cord with a Wireless X Rocker Gaming Chair — Or, Even a Wired Model

Cut the Cord. Go Wireless.

Cut the Cord. Go Wireless.

It sounds like an awesome idea, doesn't it? A wireless X Rocker gaming chair would give you that cool sound experience you've heard about, without the annoying cables.

But you might not have to buy a wireless gaming chair to get the wireless functionality.

There are two ways to go about it:

  1. Get a wireless-capable chair model
  2. Add wireless capabilities to your non-wireless chair

Let's look at some of the pros & cons of a wireless chair, the various X Rocker wireless models, and how to add wireless capability to your non-wireless chair.

Why Get a Wireless Gaming Chair? FREEDOM!

The pros are pretty clear: Freedom from cords.

Cords are clutter. Stringing them across the floor or around the room is kinda ugly. And you can trip over them.

Not only that, they limit you to the distance and position of your chair. The plugs are on the right side of the chair. Lefties are already inconvenienced.

The wireless capabilities remove the clutter, and free you to position the chair any way you like in your room.

Wireless Limitations

But, there are a few limitations.

For one, the more wireless devices we have in our home, or in the home next door, the more chances there are for interference.

Some people report buggy connections and static with their wireless chairs. Sometimes depending on the placement of the chair in the room.

3 wireless channels on the chairs give you options to find the best reception, but for problematic homes, you may have to resort to third-party transmitters, or (God forbid!) to using the cables again.

The X Rocker Wireless Models

V Rocker SE Wireless Red X Rocker Pro 2.1 X Rocker II SE Wireless

X Rocker makes several wireless models.

On the low end, the V Rocker line runs for under $100; The X Rocker II comes in the mid-range at around $150; and, The X Rocker Pro goes for close to $200 at the high end. The Pro also comes in a 4.1 surround sound model.

There are more, but these are the most popular three lines.

And, then there's the wireless kit…

X Rocker Wireless KitThe Wireless Kit — Make Your Wired Chair Wireless

You don't need the wireless receiver to be built into the chair to get wireless capability.

As I mention in a previous post, you can “retrofit” it with the X Rocker Universal Wireless Kit, or you can get a basic set of third-party audio transmitters that will do a similar job for you.


So, while it is not without flaws, it's still an awesome experience. And, buying a wireless X Rocker gaming chair isn't the only way to get the convenience of a wireless gaming chair.

Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? Please leave a comment below, and I promise to get back at you about it.


~ Scott


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